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University accommodation block ready for winter

A quick turn around was needed when the existing 1800KW’s of heating boilers failed along with the CHP units. Replacement boilers were installed along with a redesign and buffer to allow for future renewable technologies, the CHP was repaired by the manufacturer and the BMS system was altered and recommissioned to enable the system to work correctly and efficiently.

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The team fully refurbished a shop and a 3 bed flat including an all new energy efficient heating & plumbing system.


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Care Home Completion

APS have been involved in getting a new 76 bedroom care home completed on budget and to a high spec in Ipswich, comprising of ventilation, heating, plumbing, air conditioning and building a bespoke control panel in house at APS.

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Boiler room refurbishment

The complete strip and refurbishment of the boiler room on a nine storey building was carried out along with sectioning of the heating with heat stores to reduce the static head on the new Remeha Quinta Ace boilers.




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